Hello, my name is Luis.
I am a multidisciplinary graphic designer, with a background in brand, illustration, photography, and communication; these areas allow me to use visual design and brand experience along with storytelling, public relations, crisis management and creative strategy.
Recently, I served as Brand and Creative Lab Manager at Laureate Education, Inc., a publicly traded (NASDAQ: LAUR) company operating an international network of universities. For 5 years, I was proud to find the best ways to visually tell the Laureate story and oversee the brand across a vast international network, amplifying the message of how, students, graduates and faculty are using what they are learning to improve lives and make our world a better place.
I'm looking forward to collaborating with you!
My mission is to use design and communication as a powerful problem-solving medium by delivering visual and creative solutions through partnerships and collaboration. I’ve worked with individuals, non-profits and companies around the world to enhance their brands, products, services and events.
Since I was a little child, I’ve loved to draw and create stories; I hope to use storytelling, writing and illustration to create children’s books, while also pursuing opportunities to support and manage creative and positive social impact initiatives and programs that will help others expand their vision, talent and impact.
Thank you for reading and please be sure to reach out!
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